RAP Technologies - ArredoCAD Reseller in India

We are now reseller for ArredoCAD from Dinamica S.r.l. , Italy. With ArredoCAD Designer you can reproduce the models of any manufacturer and create any design or architectural solution according to the different needs of your customers, making possible to draw and furnish a single room as well as an entire flat.

The huge libraries of elements (more than 25.000 items), cabinet doors and materials are configurable according to the needs of the user and constantly updated and they can be enriched through 3D objects imported from 3DStudio or Sketchup.

Create amazing projects

ArredoCAD has been developed to support you through all stages of your project, from the creation of a plan to the final render, with the objective to show your customers a detailed and enveloping preview of the architectural solutions thought for him.