RAP Technologies has a dedicated resource center for Geospatial services at Pondicherry, India. Qualified personnel have hands-on experience not only in design and creation of Geospatial databases but also in developing and deploying complete distributed solutions over the departmental network or the Internet.

Whether parcel maps are to be created for tax assessment, land records solutions for state/federal government agencies or AM/FM solutions are to be crafted for utilities in electric, gas, water, waste water or telecom; RAP Technologies’s personnel are equally adept at delivering high quality solutions, on-time consistently. Development processes created over time ensure that the deliverables are predictable.

RAP Technologies provides high quality scanning services to convert all paper, Mylar maps of large and small size to raster data of high resolution. Further, raster editing can be done using CAD tools to carry out data cleanup (speckle removal, smudges etc).

RAP Technologies provides raster to vector conversion services. This is done by using various techniques like Autovectorization, manual heads-up digitization from base raster data for usage in GIS environment. Accuracy and linkage of correct attribute information to graphic data is a key step in creation of this vector data set for analysis purposes in GIS environment. RAP Technologies has the required expertise to carry out these activities

  • Records Preparation and Scrub
  • Landbase Creation
  • Facility Plans Creation
  • Distribution Networks
  • Work Order Posting
  • Cartographic Maps Conversion
  • Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Satellite Imaging

RAP Technologies specializes in conversion, maintenance, management and analysis of spatial databases and related data for AM/FM/GIS systems. In-house knowledge, from the base-level data preparation for mapping to software customization makes us unique solution providers for spatial databases.

AM/FM/GIS systems provide a set of tools that enable Utility companies (Electric, Gas, Telecom, Oil and Gas Pipeline firms etc) to precisely record related information like utility type, location, maintenance history etc. The development of plant records, distribution systems for various facilities like Telecom, Electric, Gas and Water/Sewer involve huge data capture exercises with underlying base topographic maps

  • Electric Utility
  • Municipal Agencies
  • Telephone Companies
  • Public Works Departments
  • Forestry Agencies
  • Gas Utility
  • County Agencies
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Firms
  • State Agencies
  • Agricultural Firms
  • Federal Agencies
  • Environmental firms

Additionally RAP Technologies offers services in wetlands mapping, photogrammetry, environmental resource inventories, and image processing. Thematic mapping include

Urban Mapping - Asset mapping/Expansion planning/Tax parcel Water Resources - Watershed development Programs Forestry - Mapping, Revisions and Assessment

Photogrammetry Services offered include landbase creation, DTM and DEM production, hardcopy and softcopy orthphoto products and image interpretation.

  • Digital Terrain Modeling
  • Digitization of Satellite Imagery
  • Contours Image Processing
  • Spatial Analysis
  • Thematic map generation

RAP Technologies offers map maintenance and update services for utility companies. This involves posting of work orders of facilities plant data to the GIS system with the help of paper or automated work order data. The data is posted to the mapping system to make it up to date.

RAP Technologies can make the drawing and mapping data of an AM/FM/GIS system available into a seamless spatial database using the Internet or Intranet. We can custom design a web site to host mapping data services. Users can navigate the website using standard browsers. Website provides users with features to zoom, pan, search for data (query), display database information and all other related functions of the mapping system.

We provide database design, creation and maintenance services for our clients. Data structures designed, need to be compatible in order to import and extract data from one application to another. RAP Technologies is experienced in designing databases to correspond with such applications.

We provide custom programming and menu customization services to meet our client's needs. This adds dynamic mapping, developing simple query based applications and GIS capabilities to the existing application. Examples would include creating and/or modifying map-grid generation programs to match your existing specifications. Every client is unique and they usually require tailor made programs to correlate with existing standards. RAP Technologies is experienced in developing custom programs to meet your needs.